Links not working for system text

• Aug 29, 2014 - 17:30
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu Studio 14.04, GIT commit: abc70ae

A number of issues with system text (including tempo marks, rehearsal letters, etc) in linked parts.

1) If system text is present in score before parts are generated, the text is copied to the parts, and links are there so that deleting the text in one place deletes it everywhere. But edits to the text don't propagate.

2) If system text is added after parts are generated, it is not propagated at all for ordinary system text. Rehearsal marks are propagated in that I can see the boxes in the linked scores, but there is no text. Tempo markings *are* propagated. But in all of these cases, again, edits to the text don't propagate.


Actually, regarding #2, it seems the text elements *are* created - but they are created empty and then never get updated with the text you type. The Debugger window shows an empty text element. The reason it works for tempo text is that the element is already populated with text when created. Thus, it also works for ordinary system text if added via the palette - just not when added by Ctrl+Shift+T. This also explains why I see empty boxes for rehearsal marks added by shortcut and this too works when added by palette.

So it seems the only bug here is that edits to system text (including these other forms of text) are not propagating - it just manifests itself in lots of different ways.