MuseScore crashes when trying to resize left/right section in style dialog

• Dec 28, 2020 - 07:28
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I am using the currently latest Nightly Build: OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: github-musescore-musescore-

And have loaded the Dutch language after starting MuseScore. I also closed and restarted MuseScore after updating the Dutch language.

Now when I access the Style Dialog, I can see the improved version with scrollbars added. The left pane no longer resizes when switching between different styles. However when I try to make the left pane smaller, MuseScore is crashing. This does not occur when the English text is loaded.

My guess is that the "long" text used for Crescendo/descrecendo signs (hairpins).

After the crash I cannot sent the crash report, this fails with the following error:
Perhaps this is because it is a nightly build, but just wanted to add just in case it is not.


I have tried to reproduce this, but I couldn't, neither on Mac nor on Windows, also not in Dutch. I will try a bit more, but could you maybe tell a bit more? Does this crash occur always? And on all pages, or only selected ones? If you would have a report of the crash, that would be very helpful.

(I also noticed that the style dialog is not retranslated when you switch to another language. That's not difficult to fix and I'm working on it. )

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I did notice the translation not being changed as well, so would be nice if that is fixed as well.

Now about the crash, it happens to all styles I select, so does not matter if I select pagina (page), partituur (score), etc.
But testing a bit more now....and I noticed the following really odd behaviour.
I started doing a factory reset first.
As my system is Dutch, I leave the MuseScore language at System and the keyboad I select is US-International.
I deselect the tours option.
Close the start center.
I go into preferences and update the Dutch translation.
Close MuseScore, and open it again and close the start center.
Now I go to Opmaak (layout) -> Stijl...
Next I move the mouse to the position just next to the vertical scroll bar, and the cursor changes to indicate I can move/adjust the size.

I click and move to the left (as I wanted to make the section to the right bigger). MuseScore crashes instantly.
I have tried with selecting other styles in the left pane and that does not make a difference.

Now interesting fact, doing the same as above but instead of moving to the left I move to the right.
MuseScore does not crash now. In fact I now can even click on the same spot and move to the left without MuseScore crashing. I can even close MuseScore and open again and all still works.

Doing a factory reset after this, and I get the crash again.
However the crashing only occurs when I update the language first. If I do not update the language after the factory reset, crash does not occur.

If you can let me know how to get the crash report, then I happy to share.

Hope you can re-produce with the above steps.