Issue/problem #2 adding natural sign

• Jan 9, 2021 - 15:05

Linux applmage on chrome MS5.3.2....
Can not add natural sign to a note unless note entry is turned off! I use mouse for note entry. I also wish there was short-cut for adding this sign!


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Jojo thanks for your kind response. For those of us who have not memorized the names of all pallets, I always use the natural sign at the top of my work page, as I tried to imply in my post. That does/did not work. Up/down arrows only bring up natural sign if you have sharp/flat used in that measure. Natural signs are for the players benefit. As I think I mentioned before, if the last note in a measure is e flat and the first note of next measure is e nat. then it is helpful to the player to mark it. This is what I am talking about. I have realized since my post, from other comments, I should have said I had recently moved from MS 2.3. Maybe this might have helped everyone understand better my thinking and confusion. In the past I have always entered the note then moved arrow to the top and clicked in the natural sign, a bother from the bottom of an orchestral score, but it worked. In 3.5.2 it does not. I guess I just have to learn a new way. Thanks again for your thoughts, I hope this helps to know what/why I am commenting about.

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"If you are saying the accidentals at top of page...which is what I have always done"
That is the Note Input toolbar. You can stay in Note Input mode but you must click the natural sign before you enter the note (in MS 3.5.2):
MuseScore Note Input toolbar.png

There is also the Accidentals palette among the list of palettes on the left. While in Note Input mode, here you can click the natural sign after you input the note e.g. as a correction:
MuseScore Accidentals palette.png

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DanielR Thank you for your comment. You understood exactly what I was saying/doing. I never used the accidentals pallet on the left! Why, they are there at the top. I am not fond of leaving pallets open all over, as they are only clutter and a bit of a distraction. They also push some of the pallets I want way off screen. But, as I am finding after my posts I am going to have to change my techniques for working instead of the program becoming more flexible for the user. Still like the program, overall. I will be opening the accidentals pallet and see if that works for me. Thanks again for your suggestion!!

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You can easily customize your palettes in MuseScore 3,. So instead of needing a whole big Accidentals palette, you can simply drag the few you need to whatever other palette you'd rather have them in, or click the "add palettes" button to create your own palette full of just your favorite symbols.

You can also define shortcuts for the accidentals using Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

These are all examples of the program becoming more flexible over time, but indeed, there are also a few isolated cases an older inefficient or inconsistent or outright buggy behavior has been removed.

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Thanks Marc!! Great thoughts as usual. I thought about moving what I need to some place else, but at the moment I can not decide where is better!? Same goes with making a major pallet...I know I`d forget something. Seems best to leave things alone for now. DanielR gave a good alt for what I need and it is working for me now. I am going to seriously look at the shortcuts thought, thanks!!

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