Chords between the notes

• Jan 13, 2021 - 09:28

How to write the name of the chord not over the notes, but over the free space between the notes? It always goes to me on one note, then on the second note, but I want in between


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But by far the best approach is to attach the chord to the correct beat, especially if you will use playback. Just go to the nearest note/rest before the correct chord position, CTRL k then if the chord needs to be attached e.g. 1/8 later ctrl4 and you are at the correct beat

See the Handbook under "Chord Symbols" to learn more, but what you should find is that Space moves to the next beat or note, whichever comes first. Semicolon goes to the next beat, period. Ctrl+number moves forward by the duration specified by the number, using the same shortcuts as well selecting durations for note input (eg, 3 for sixteenth note).

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