3.6 Download

• Jan 14, 2021 - 22:17

Tried to download 3.6 from the download page. gives me the message
"MuseScore- was blocked because it could harm your device."

The file downloaded is "Unconfirmed 144419.crdownload" @ 109,016 KB

What should I do to get the file?

Running on Win10


The automatic update check has not been updated, so that's why it tells you that your version is current.

You can ignore the bogus warning about the install.

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Solved it.

renamed "Unconfirmed 320826.crdownload" to "Musescore-"
then ran that file and the system installed Musescore v3.6

and it worked, at least it loaded a piece created in v3.5.2 and I could amend the notes.

I shall start using that software tomorrow.

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FYI, the "Unconfirmed 320826.crdownload" name is what Chrome calls downloads while they are still in progress. Chrome should automatically rename the file when the download is finished. But depending on what program you are using to view the file listing, you might need to refresh the screen to see the name update. This isn't anything specific to MuseScore, it's just how Chrome manages downloads of any file.

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