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Probably that you do not know that versions 3.5 and 3.6 has MIDI ECHO, I am back to version 3.
About machine and system: laptop Myria with IntelCeleron and Windows 10 Home


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Aha, finally some nugget of information that might give a hint at what the problem might be (and edited away..., your use of MuseScore as a sequencer / for MIDI recording with electronic instruments):
Try unchecking Edit > Preferences > Note input > Play Notes When Editing.
If that helps it isn't MuseScore echoing, but your MIDI device ;-)

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OK, let's step back.
What actually is the problem?
What actually is your setup?
When do you hear an echo?

Note entry into MuseScore using a MIDI keyboard? Hearing the sound once from the keyboard and a 2nd time from MuseScore? Probably not, as the above mentioned setting should have fixed that...

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Now I am on another laptop, an AsusVivobook 15 Intel Core i7 with Windows 10 Pro.
Now i use korg pa like Midi in and Midi out.
I know from a time ago that MuseScore play in sametime with his sound font, or with windows midi table, and with my synthesizer. And i remembered a few minutes ago, that solution was to put Master Gain to minimum.
Probably that when working without using hardware sequencer, Musescore use two midi sound sources.
Now i wiil testing MuseScore for working with trakx, using Master Gain on minimum.

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Last time, when i was on Myria laptop I used HeadSpeakers. that echo seam to not be from final audio power I guess that is because MuseScore is working with two midi sound generators.
And now also i use HeadSpeakers.
That echo is not from audio, is my opinion, that echo is from two midi sound generators.
I thankyou verry much for your answers that inspire me to try MuseScore 3.6 again. :-)
MuseScore is a very useful and verry powerful tool for learning and practicind music using scores.
If you are his developer, I am proud about changing these messages with you, Maybe you will think to make MuseScore to work with custom patches from hardware synthsesizers. :-) And keeping Musescore freesoftware ofcuorse. :-)

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