make it possible to disable MIDI playthrough (aka MIDI thru or MIDI echo)

• Apr 18, 2016 - 16:31
S5 - Suggestion

It would be nice if the automatic echoing of MIDI input to the internal synth could be disabled without disabling MIDI note entry altogether. Finale has this option under "MIDI Thru". I prefer to use my MIDI keyboard's no-latency built-in piano sound when composing, and I must turn off MIDI input in MuseScore to avoid the doubled notes coming through the SoundFont synth. Sometimes instead, I'll just turn the synthesizer volume to 0, but then I can't hear any of MuseScore's playback. The only time hearing MuseScore play the notes is useful to me is when entering/editing notes or playing back the project.


In 2.1, at least, it is possible to switch off "Play notes when editing" under Preferences>Note Input. This achieved the desired result for me.

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Reported version 2.1  
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That's not exactly what was requested. The request says that it is useful to hear the notes played back when editing, but otherwise stop Musescore from playing its own sounds when not editing. The current functionality provides a method to do the opposite: mute the piano sounds when in note input mode only.

I'd very much like there to be a way to disable MIDI thru as well as I'm facing the same problem. As nice as Musescore's MIDI synth sounds, my keyboard sounds better and I'd rather have Musescore only play MIDI when playing back the piece or when selecting and moving around notes.