Display page number in status bar

• Jan 18, 2021 - 12:08
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A problem, which arises repeatedly: losing track of the page number. MS has no permanent page number display: you either have to navigate through the page to find the printed page number, or display the navigator.

Suggestion: Display the page number, and total number of pages, in the status bar. Possibly add a "Go to Page" dialog" that opens when you click on the page number display.


I'd like to see that getting extended though, like with s for section.
And maybe with absolute and relative page and measure numbers (relative within the section)
I guess that'd come esp. handy once the Album Feature finally gets merged, into MuseScore 4

Title Display page number in status bar: perhaps add a "Go to page" dialog Display page number in status bar
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You've missed the point. Finding a page is secondary (but still, an additional "page find" dialog might be useful). The main issue is that MS has no permanent display of the page number in the status bar. This is a standard feature in a word processor (e.g. LIbreOffice)—so why not a score writer? Knowing immediately where you are in the score helps you recover your bearings if, for any reason, the score view shifts.

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Ah, indeed I missed that.
Or rather I never missed that, using the Navigator (The timeline has this too IIRC)
Or having my pages numbered (which they even do by default)

I've never before seen that question having come up in the forums, certainly not "time and time again"

I've clarified the previous entry. Currently, if you click on the score paper, the left-hand display of the status bar disappears: IMV, that could be replaced by the page number and total etc.

Except there could be multiple pages in view, or no page.

I agree it could make sense to add page number to the status display, although I can't recall one instance of this ever being requested before, nor can I think of a time when I'd personally have wanted it except in cases where I might also have been likely to be using the navigator or timeline.

So understanding the use case where this comes up "repeatedly" would definitely be useful in prioritizing.

So understanding the use case where this comes up "repeatedly" would definitely be useful in prioritizing

Anytime the view shifts unexpectedly after using arrows or Alt + arrows—especially at zooms greater than 100% (may be due to a bug); or you accidentally press a wrong button and end up somewhere else; or any number of occasions where you need to re(establish) your bearings. The navigator is a sledghammer approach (and, besides, no longer has a default shortcut). Printed page numbers often require scrolling and dragging to see them—especially at zoom levels much greater than 100%.