Minor display bug when using the app windowed

• Jan 22, 2021 - 19:24

When using the application windowed, when the window is too small to display the full Note Input bar, the use of the ">>" button leads to a weird superposition of elements, as shown in the picture (inside the red "circle").

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Windows is unaffected.

At least, I have my palettes docked as well and not "floating on top", when they are floating they indeed are above that toolbar; after all, that's the whole point of "floating on top"..

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hmm.. what I am noticing now is that my palette window doesn't have those buttons, but just a search field.
[EDIT] I'm seeing the search field because I use the shortcut to open/close palettes, so that makes sense.
Enlarging my icons to a ridiculous size also shows that it is not just the buttons being on top of the toolbar, but the whole content of it. See the issue linked below.

I also just noticed I can't dock my floating windows any longer by double clicking their title bar (both palettes/inspector); which is likely unrelated to your issue, but a regression

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