Inserting some frames are crashing Mac Catalina MuseScore 3.6.0

• Jan 24, 2021 - 12:13

I have attached some files.

I would like to produce a similar page like in the Afro_example.pdf (made with Sibelius).
The closest I can reach is in the file Afrotreeni 3.6.mscz (see also Afrotreeni 3.6.pdf).

Problem is that I can't insert the vertical frame inbetween nor the text frame, because Musescore 3.6.0 crashes immediately. Only text-frame at the end is possible (and dragging it to somewhere).

Crashing is independent of the settings of the page style "Enable vertical justification of staves".

I included the Musescore file for all of you to explore.

Any ideas?


System: MuseScore 3.6.0, Mac OS Catalina, MacPro 2013 (12core, 128Gb RAM)

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Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem? What exactly do I need to click I guess I start by selecting one of the existing frames then add another frame, but which do I select, which do I add, and how are you adding it?

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Base settings applying to all of my files:

- Page: Enable vertical justification of staves: ON
- System: System Dividers: Left ON

- I made a forced system split on the second bar's last barline to guarantee, that the last two bars are always on their own system

Problems in the file "File with lyricsbox":
- I wanted to create an lyrics box between the splitted systems, so I attached vertical frame to the second system's first horizontal frame (as suggested by an other user)
- Result: the automatic system divider is hidden behind the vertical frame and can't be seen
- Quickfix but bad: one must deselect automatic system dividers and set it as an symbol

Problem with the file "File without lyricsbox":
- I tried to attach an text-frame to the first bar of the second system (Voc.) to make an lyric-box for an additional verse
- when I activate the first bar on the second system (Voc.) and then select from Palets/Frames&bars the text-frame, the Musescore crashes…
- if I add the text-frame to the last bar, the result looks bad
- if I add text-frame to the first horizontal frame of the second system, it covers the automatic system divider
- if I add text-frame to the last horizontal frame strange layout occurs

Hope this helps…

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In the first case, it's normal that the presence of a frame means the dividers is no longer needed and thus not displayed - it only displays between two successful systems on the same page. That's now a new feature, MuseScore has been smart enough to know when it doesn't need a divider since the feature was implemented some years ago.

Regarding the crash, I can now confirm, and I encourage you to submit an official bug report to the issue tracker with this score and a brief list of the steps - like "1. select first measure of second system, 2. click text frame in palette".

But, it's not clear where you were expecting that text frame to appear. By selecting the measure itself rather than the horizontal frame, it appears you are trying to insert the text frame between those two elements, but tha'ts not possible - text frames take the width of the page, If the goal was to add the text frame above that whole system, start by selecting the horizontal frame instead - which, yes, as it should, makes the divider unnecessary and thus MuseScore automatically knows not to display it.

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