Crash with voice 1 and voice 2 in 'unison'

• Jan 25, 2021 - 06:13
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S3 - Major
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Mac OSX 10.14.6
MuseScore Rev 1977cb3

Put in 4 sixteenth notes in voice 1.
Put in 4 sixteenth notes in unison to voice 1, in voice 2.
Select first sixteenth note, hit 'up arrow key'.
Spinning beachball.

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Status active needs info

I cannot reproduce from scratch, see : Voices.mscz

So, please attach your score (or excerpt) - image is pretty useless here - with very detailed steps to be able to reproduce.

Unisions in two voices are used all the time, it doesn't cause a crash in general. Whatever is going on with this specific score is almost certainly unrelated, and we'd need the score in order to tell you what really to avoid in the future. So it would be doing yourself and other users a big favor if you could pause a moment from your composing and attach the relevant file or excerpt.

So you're saying the score posted won't demonstrate the problem? I tried adding four sixteenths to mimic your picture, then selected the first note of each voice one at a time and hit Up, but no crash for me. Do let us know if you encountered this again, obviously there's a bug somewhere but we'd need to catch it in the act to investigate further.

A common mistake people make with drag & drop is not being careful to drop to a specific note or other element - you need to see the cursor change. If you continue to have problems with that, please ask for help on the Support forum, attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Thank you Marc. You're always helpful.
When two voices "share" the same notehead, and the notehead is clicked, which voice is selected? Is the stacking order?
It is the 'or drag & drop' in the File attachments "Choose a file" window. Sorry for my lack of precision.

I would say, it's not defined. There is code to try to do something reasonable depending on whether one is set invisible or not and maybe other criteria. And yes, stacking order can come into play any time elements overlap, although of course by defaults all notes have the same stacking order. But in practice, best way to control which voice is selected is not to click the overlapping note but a non-overlapping one, then use cursor keys to move forward / backwards to get to the desired note. You can also Ctrl+click to cycle through overlapping elements, but that just ensures you get to all of them, you still might not know which is which. I guess if you look at the status bar.

Regarding the issue track drag & drop, I find Chrome is 50/50 at best for when this works, not just here but other sites that use similar controls. So I tend to ignore it and click the button instead.