Bug with tremolo

• Jan 26, 2021 - 14:30
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S3 - Major
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Hi, since the last update to musescore 3.6, tremolos played by the strings in an orchestral score make the audio rendering buggy, to the point that it is no longer possible to listen to the score at all. I still have the old version of musescore on my computer, and when I try the same score it works without any problem, but on the new version it takes ten seconds to do a bar that should pass in a single second.


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I don't have access to my computer now, but it does even if there is just a Round with a tremolo on the viola for example. It may be an optimization problem (my computer is not very efficient, but there was no problem with musescore 3.5).
If you really need the score, I can send it later in the day.

We do need the score, since the problem does not occur in ours. It might not occur one our systems even with your score, but that would be a starting point for investigation. If we cannot reproduce the problem with your score on our system, then we can try to help figure out what is the issue on your system in particular - could be a soundont you installed, or an audio driver, or something else.

For me it plays normally, my system has a little trouble keeping up because it's a big score, but that's true even if I delete all tremolos. So, I'm guessing something else is going on with your system. What OS, what settings do you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O, and do you have any non-default soundfonts loaded in View / Synthesizer (anything other than MuseScore_General)?

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(First, sorry for the bad english, I'm not speaking english well)
Ok I ... don't understand. Without touching anything, now that works sometimes, and sometimes no. I've never touched the settings in I/O, and I have soundfonts in synthesizer, but the first is MuseScore_General_HQ, and the viola's sound (in mixer) is the default one. So I tried to change for a string ensemble soundfont that I have and now that works, and sometimes if I change the sound for "viola fast expr." that works but sometimes no. So I'll keep on with the soundfont, and I hope that I won't have any problem.
Thank you for your help, and if that start again to bug, I'll try to change soundfont before asking your help.
Have a nice week !