Missing 'measure' section in Style menu

• Jan 31, 2021 - 21:21

I'm in need of adjusting the position of the notes placed so close to the barline that the accidentals are placed before or within the barline. According to the MuseScore 3 manual (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/measure) it should be easy to solve by means of adjusting the position of the notes, refering to 'measure' under the «format - style - measure» menu, but as you can see in the screenshot I don't have that option.

According to my 'info' I use: Version: | Revision: 1977cb3.

Any info on how to solve the issue would be welcome. Thank you.
Cheers, Jeroen

missing measure in style menu.JPG


The 'note to barline' measure seems to only effect notes the left of the barline, but I need more distance to notes right of the barline. Any thoughts?

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Several things possible going on here; we would need your actual score, not just a picture, to say for sure.

My guess is there is an invisible time or key signature there, and you are seeing a bug in 3.6.0 that is now already fixed in 3,.6.,1 causing these to not leave enough space. So don't mess with style settings, just update. But, better yet, don't use invisible time signatures for things like this, instead just alter the actual measure duration directly, either via measure properties or Tools / Measures.

That said, there are several relevant settings here. One for Note left margin (that's start barline to first note), one for Note to barline distance (that's for last note to end barline). However, if there is an invisible time signature involved, then those margins get applied instead. That shouldn't be, but is. Another reason not to use invisible time signatures unless you absolutely have to, and you definitely don't here.

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