Request for ability to keep drum palette visible even when not editing drum staff

• Feb 1, 2021 - 22:13
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1 - Add 5 line drumset part
2 - Focusing on the drumset part does not open the drum palette.
3 - Only when pressing a key on the keyboard does the palette appear and places the note in the current cursor position available, and usually for the wrong instrument depending on the random key that was pressed.

It is annoying to use the drumset in this way. Also when just focusing on another instrument the drumset palette disappears and the whole cycle of step 3 has to be repeated. I cannot see any reason the drum palette should disappear automatically when working on a composition. There should be some means of leaving it visible and if someone wishes to hide it there should be a minimize icon to allow this.


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It's not clear what suggestion you are making here - what you are wishing to accomplish by seeing the drum palette while not in note input mode. Are you just wanting to see a key of the drum definitions whikle reading the score? I would encourage you to start a discussion on the forum and explain the special purpose you have in mind here, and then see if a consensus arises ona the best way to accomplish it and what new features might be needed.

I'm not understanding the part of about wrong notes/instruments, though, I've never seen that happen. Best to start a separate thread about that, attach your score, and give precise steps to reproduce that particular problem.

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I cannot understand why this is an issue since what I have suggested is what was available in museScore 1.3 and served well. Surely it is the musician that must make the choice and not the software. Why should something be imposed and not be just an option?

Unlike other instruments the the single 5-line drumset part is not about a single instrument but contains a whole set of instruments, drums, cymbals, bells, blocks, rattles and others. When composing in jazz one often wants to see all the instrument options while a score is open so as to compare sounds and to play them even if not yet inserting them into the drumset part. For this the drum palette needs to be concurrently visible with the other instrument. This is how museScore 1.3 worked and fits in with how drummers write music.

I am currently transcribing a duet between Charlie Mingus on bass and Danny Richmond on drums from "Folk Forms 1". It becomes extremely difficult to go between the bass and drums when the drum palette disappears every time I am entering bass notes. The musical phrases are shared and continuous between the bass and the drumset.

Title Drum Palette does not appear even when focused on a drumset part Request for ability to keep drum palette visible even when not editing drum staff
Status needs info active

I guess I can understand why in this special circumstance you might want a mode that keeps the drum palette open, but that's definitely not the norm. So if such a feature were implemented, it would have to be made optional to avoid stealing usable space from the score the majority of the time. In any case, I don't recall anyone else ever asking for the palette to remain visible this, and when designing new features, it is always best to get input from many users to avoid introducing something that seems like an improvement to one user but a step backwards to others. So again, I encourage you to start a thread in the forum so we can understand better and hopefully get other perspectives. We want to design new features in ways that benefit the most people, so it's important to get more input on how other people entering drum music see this.