The "flat" accidental symbol (b) disappears when I print score

• Feb 4, 2021 - 02:05

The "flat" accidental symbol (b) disappears when I print score. The flatted chord appears and plays completely normaI, but the symbol just disappears when I print. I tried changing fonts. Help!

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Are you printing directly from MuseScore, or are you first using some third party PDF utility to create a PDF then trying to print that? The latter doesn't work so well - if you want to create PDF from MuseScore, use MuseScore's built-in PDF export facility, not a third party PDF utility.

If you continue to have problems, let us know what OS, what printer, and anything else that seems like it could be relevant about how you are trying to print.

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Before the recent 3.6 upgrade, I would simply right click and print open score without problem. I just tried to export the score as PDF, emailed to myself and was able to print score properly. Don't think it has anything to do with my up to date Macbook Pro or HP Laser Jet Pro MFPM227 printer.

The only problem I am having when printing directly is the (b) disappears from the stated chord i.e. Ab7 would sound correctly on program, view correctly, but print as A 7, note; there is a space where the (b) should appear

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I'm still a bit confused - what exactly are you right-clicking? The MSCZ file in Finder? I wasn't aware that was a supported thing. Does that normally open MuseScore automatically and go straight to the print dialog?

To be clear: the supported way to print a MuseScore file is to have MuseScore already open, with your score loaded, then go to File / Print, or click the printer icon, or press Cmd+P. These should work, and if they don't, that's definitely a problem. But if you're doing something else, we'd still need to understand better.

Also, is this only a problem for the flat signs in the chord symbols, or also for flat signs in the score itself? Also, what if you simply export to PDF and print directly - no email?

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Also, we had other reports of people who had problems with HP LaserJet Pro on macOS specifically, but their problems were different and worse - see #316152: Some characters do not print from Leland on certain printer drivers on Mac, #315915: Printed staves cut off on left using v3.6 and #315706: On macOS Several Symbols Don't Get Printed Correctly when using AirPrint. You're not seeing that specific problem with clefs and other elements also being missing?

All evidence points to there being a problem with the macOS printer driver for that particular printer, that somehow causes it to be incompatible with the Leland font. Are you sure there are no updates available for that driver?

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If I make a PDF the file prints fine. If I have the file open and execute file>print the flats disappear only from the chord symbol. I attached an example. The 2nd chord is Bb7b9 and shows up as B 7 9. Any chord on this chart that has a space between characters there is (b) missing. Have not noticed any other missing info

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