After restarting program, visibility of piano keyboard is not restored

• Feb 8, 2021 - 19:13
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Program restart fails to restore the visibility of Piano keyboard and the expanded items of Palettes. These should be restored automatically as all other visibilities are restored.
In [Menu > View > Workspaces > New]: we can save user workspaces.There it works about palettes, but also misses about piano keyboard, even if we pin the keboard in fix position as panel.

Version Windows 8.1, 64 Bit


I can confirm with regard to piano keyboard on startup. But most other elements, including any currently expanded palettes, are restored, if your workspace is set to include GUI Components. At least it is for me on Linux.

I confirm. The recent update has included the palettes (I overlooked that). So only the piano keyboard is still missing.

Title after restarting program, visibility of some elements is not restored After restarting program, visibility of piano keyboard is not restored

What's weird to me is the piano keyboard status preserved when changing workspaces (if GUI Components is active), but lost on program restart. I guess this worked in MuseScore 2, which didn't have the GUI Components checkbox anyhow.

Status active needs info

No, it does restore in 2.3.2. And it does in 3.5.2 too.
AND IT DOES IN 3.6.2 TOO! (if a score is open and 'start with last session is active, without a score open the piano keyboard doesn't open at all)

You are right. piano-keyboard needs a score AND restoring the piano needs the setting "continue last session".
However there is a basic difference: Without the setting "conttinue last session", the Mixer and Paleetes are restored (and become active when file is loaded) but the piano keyboard is not there and does not appear on file-loading. This seems not consistent and is also the reason why I did not know the trick how to do it. I would redard it as minor ToDo.

Weird, I guess that explains partially why I know I've seen this behavior before more recently than MuseScore 2. My guess is it also gets restored after a crash if you choose toe restore session.

The selection filter choices should be reset. Arguably they should be reset every time you open or close it, since a very common mistake is to forget to re-enable voice 1 after disabling it temporarily.