Why does my note value change when I play chords

• Feb 17, 2021 - 12:48

the subject is pretty self-explanatory. your help will be appreciated:)


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Can you back up and give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce this? Apparently you are using MIDI input, that wasn't clear at first. I gather also you are using the real-time manual method. So tell us exactly which duration you selected on the toolbar as your beat, how you are manually advancing the beat, etc.

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Hi, I am using MIDI keyboard as input and have set the pedal as the key for advancing (time) in Real Time - Manual mode. (museask1.png)
I then press middle C (museask2.png) and I hold it down.
I then tab the pedal (or hold it down). what appears is 3 crochets tied but I just want to advance to the next beat (museask3.png).

why is this? I thought I hold down a note, and tab the advance key (pedal) the number of times I want for the duration of the note in number of beats / minimal duration ?

thank you!

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May I ask why does my note become triple the value when I only tapped the chord on the MIDI keyboard and the advance key only once with real Time(manual)? Is there something I should check or settings to change? btw, I use real time(manual) mode on piano scores, using a MIDI keyboard.

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