Copy Rehearsal marks and tempo changes to another staff (duplicating them for rehearsal/piano reduction score)

• Feb 17, 2021 - 14:56

Hi, I have a choral score and I prepared a separate score with an extra piano part for a piano reduction. This is useful for rehearsals.

What I would like to do is to copy all rehearsal marks and tempo changes to the piano staff as well, duplicating that information.

The rehearsal marks will make it easier for the pianist to find his bar and the tempo markings will allow the pianist to immediately find the right tempo.

Now, I realize it may be too much to ask for an automatic duplication feature and I would already be happy if I could just use copy/paste to do this. Alas, I cannot get it to work.

(I tried:
- right click on the rehearsal mark,
- select / all similar elements on same staff
- copy
And then selecting the target bar on the piano grand staff and paste. But nothing is pasted.

I also tried to simply manually insert rehearsal marks on the piano grand staff. They still end up at the top of the score, and I have to manually re-enter the text, and disable automatic placement, and then manually move it to the piano staff and ensure it is aligned. Even for a small score, this is a lot of work - too much.

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Concerning the copy and paste issue (not concerning the placement), doesn't it work, if you select the first element in the target measure for pasting it instead of the target measure at once?

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Sorry for late reply, life is so fast moving. Next time I promise to read your request from start until to the end before starting confusion. I only checked in rush to copy and paste a single system element (I wasn't aware about, that's possible), I didn't check it with a selection of system elements (although the issue tracker suggestion was known for me ;-).

I agree that rehearsal marks in the piano part would be nice. But I think that reducing the space between vocal staves would help a lot. If you post part of the score, we could help more.

We definitely would like to see a way to specify where tempo, rehearsal, and other system-level markings should be repeated, so this can happen automatically. Meanwhile the best solution is to simply add those as ordinary text but set their style to be that of the desired marking, using the Inspector. In most cases little or no additional adjustment would be needed.

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