Split Staff

• Feb 27, 2021 - 23:59

After opening a midi file of piano music the notes produced on the sheet music are not rendered correctly. Ideally, I want the staff to be split at middle C. However I'm seeing notes well above mid C as coming from the bass clef with a huge stem. The same is true of a few notes which are well below mid C but emanate from the treble clef and utilize long stems plunging downward.

I do not see anyway to tell MuseScore that I want to split the staff a mid C.
The suggestion to right click the staff to bring up a menu with split staff options is nowhere to be seen.
I am using version 3.6.2
Any suggestions?


MIDI doesn't really contain much relevant information about notation., nor is it generally very useful to pretend that piano is played by putting all notes belong middle C in the left hand and notes above in the right hand. But if you wish to start your editing from such a point, it should work to force the import to a single staff, then right click that staff and chose "Splift Staff" from the menu,

If you continue to have trouble, best to attach the actual MIDI file and describe the issue in more detail, which precise steps to reproduce the problem,

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