I would like a clef change to come AFTER a pause

• Mar 7, 2021 - 22:05

I'm not sure how to achieve this. I've experimented with offsets in the inspector panel, and changed the stacking order. Nor matter what I do, I cannot get the clef change to come after the pause. Example attached.


Select the caesura (pause) and turn off automatic placement. You can then play with the caesura's x offset and the clef's leading space to get this.


For the record, stacking order has nothing to do with this, no surprise it didn't change anything. it's only about which element is drawn on top of which when they overlap. Useful to play with if you set elements to have opaque backgrounds.

Beyond that, I'm inclined to agree the default is wrong here. The manual adjustment is probably the only way around this. Feel free to submit this as a bug report to the issue tracker.

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