arpeggio boundary box for auto-layout collision detection seems incorrect

• Mar 12, 2021 - 16:44

Seems like a layout bug with the arpeggio boundary box calculation, because auto-layout collision detection is only working when this preceding rest is near the top of the arpeggio...see video:


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arpeggio-layout-bug.mscz 4.61 KB

Comments so there are a lot of issues with arpeggios.

I'm not sure this particular issue is really too difficult...just seems like the boundary box mistakenly just assumes the minimum default height of a wiggly-arrow symbol for the boundary box symbol, but fails to take into account the actual height of the arpeggio. So maybe really need to use Arpeggio's _height in setbbox in Arpeggio::layout().

I'm currently steeping through the code seeting a breakpoint in Arpeggio::layout(), and I notice the following:


And I'm wondering why the boundary box uses symBbox of an vector of 4 wigglyArpeggioatoUp symbols. I almost think should just use just one symbol (maybe of arrowheadBlackDown), and then add the currently-laid out height to form the boundary box. But it has been so long I've looked at MuseScore code that I'm probably totally off-track.

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