Looking for an old version of the Musescore General soundfont

• Mar 19, 2021 - 02:23

hello. I based a song I wrote around the electric pianos available in the MuseScore_General soundfont. It updated a while ago, and the electric pianos I used were replaced with ones that do not fit the piece I wrote. Please help me find either the old soundfont or one with good electric pianos -- I am really proud of this piece and it's not in a good state anymore.

I named the parts after the instrument names in mixer: "Bell Tine Synth" and "Chorused Tine EP". I found reference to these two instruments in this document
but I have no idea how to use it to help me. If anyone knows, please help. Thank you.


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I did, yes. I tried the ones listed in the handbook, and I found a download to an old version of fluidr3 elsewhere, neither had the sounds. I downloaded some old versions of musescore too to see if they had the soundfont, but no luck.

Does that PDF I linked mean anything to you? It includes the instruments I used so I know I'm not crazy, but I can't figure out if its any use.

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About ¼ hour of work:

  • install all old MuseScore soundfonts
  • load them in Polyphone looking at what instruments/presets they ship
  • do a web search for the terms you gave (separate from each other) in double quotes(!)
  • figure out that, out of the matches, GeneralUser is the most likely one, as it’s done by the same person doing MuseScore_General
  • download that, load it in Polyphone, look at the instruments/presets shipped
  • write a response despite there being no exact match for one of the two you listed (EP vs Synth)

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