Musescore 3.6.2

• Mar 26, 2021 - 11:16

How does one change the font size of various items (ex. Rehearsal Mark) - in 2, the font size appeared in text style - but in new version, I only see "placement, position."
Thank you.


Scroll further down the list till "Text Styles", then you'll get a 2nd column for each text type.

But by far the easiest in 3 is to select one of those text elements in your score and use the Inspector (F8) to change your settings live in the score. When that one text elements looks as you want it; press the "Set as Style / S" button on the righthand side of the setting in the inspector to make it the style setting for all those type of text elements.

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To be clear: there have always been separate settings for element style versus text style. In MuseScore 2, they were two totally separate dialogs - General Style and Text Style. For MuseScore this has been simplified, they are now in the same dialog, and the changes are applied "live", meaning you can see the effects as you make the change - a huge improvement. But we continue to maintain the distinction that has always existed between element/general style versus text style. The text style settings, instead of requiring a whole separate dialog, are now easily accessed from the bottom of the main style dialog.

Just as was the case in MuseScore 2 and will likely remain true in the future, it makes sense to have the text style settings separated in some way from the rest for consistency. Each text style provides exactly the same settings, so it's nice to see them presented consistently Plus you can actually apply rehearsal mark text style to staff text if you like, or vie versa, and that would be impossible to manage if the text style settings were comingled with the element style settings.

But also as mentioned, normally you don't even need to mess with the text style dialog - another huge improvement. Just make the change you want directly in the Inspector, then hit the "Set as style" button ("S" icon). The text style setting in the style dialog are almost never needed any more.

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A typo by Jojo in the heat of the moment: Format → Style → Text Styles → Rehearsal Mark.

Look at the bottom of the list in the posted screenshot; it shows that Text Styles entry we've been pointing you towards.

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