Problem with special characters

• Apr 3, 2021 - 15:38
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S4 - Minor
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Special characters

when I try to write some figure note using special character, the program create a different image.
It did not happen in last version. When I updated the software that issue started.

Please if some of you can help me?

Is it possible to downgrade the software?

Maybe it is a way to solve the issue.

Thanks !

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Frequency Many Once
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Type Development Functional

Regression vs. what version?
What is the Workaround?

Severity S3 - Major S4 - Minor
Status active needs info

Looks like maybe you are trying to build the graphic sometimes used to indicate an approximation of swing, showing eighths and triplets? Better to just add that as a graphic. Or switch fonts as noted. But these characters comes from the musical symbols font, not the text font. I don't have any problem using them in the current default Leland. Did you by chance change to a different music font? Or try copying and pasting the special characters? That has always been problematic, the fonts get messed up.

In any case, in order to investigate we would need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Regression Yes No
Workaround Yes No

Thanks for responding.

the problem is with BEAMED GROUP NOTES

When I try to use theses notes, instead of writing the notes, it creates some different images

example - BLACK NOTE, FRACTIONAL 8TH BEAM, SHOR STEM - Instead of creating it create some image of a arrow or kind of

Even if I change the font for Free Serif or other.

Thanks again. Please if there a fix for this. Before I updated it did not happen

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Yes, I tried it with beamed groups and it worked perfectly for me. So I'm guessing a font problem with your system or a style setting problem with your specific score. That's why we need you to attach the actual score with the problem and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem - pictures don't really help.