Manually configured slurs are reset to default position when the break or text block is removed

• Apr 6, 2021 - 22:00
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S3 - Major

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open attached score. This score contains manually configured slurs in bars 2, 7-8 (Violino 1); bar 3 (Violino 2); bars 13-15, 23-25, 39-40 (Farnace); bar 19 (Cello).
2) Add system break, or page break, or vertical frame, or text frame for example to the 1st page of the score.
3) Remove this break or frame.
4) Note that manually configured slurs after the deletion point will revert to their default position without warning (as after pressing Ctrl+R). And undo doesn't bring these slurs back.

I have to use breaks and frames and manually setup some slurs, that's fine. But after removing the break or frame, I have to check and correct all manually configured slurs or not save the changes. And in a large score I can forget or not notice, it is very inconvenient and wrong. Hope this gets fixed. And maybe after some more actions, the positions of the elements are reset.
A similar bug is described in # 302318 - Manual adjustments of Slurs and Hairpins are lost after inserting and deleting a break.

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I do see the 2nd slur in measure 2 of the top staff to be slightly flattened (presumably to compensate for the staccato dots), same for the 1st slur in measure 3 of the 2nd staff. Is that the manual configuration you mean?

Seems on an attempt to reproduce I fail at step 2 aleady, where exactly should a sysem or page break get applied, where a frame added to see any slur changing its shape?

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Sorry for my english :) . Yes, in measure 2 slightly flattened, in measure 3 slightly flattened and raised. Measure 7, last slurs Violino 1 and Cello flattened. Adjusted the position of long slurs in Farnace part.

For example, I try to redistribute the measures on the 1st page and add a break after the 4th measure. Then I delete it. But after deleting slurs whose positions were manually configured are reset. Another example: I add a text frame at the bottom of the 1st page to make a clarifying footnote to a specific word of the text. If I then delete this text frame, the slurs are reset. This problem with slurs arises in other scores as well. I also noticed that the diminuendo position is reset in the 12th bar of the Cello part.


OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

To reproduce:

  1. Select the last slur in m2 of "Violino 1". Press Ctrl + R to reset, then Ctrl + Z (undo), to demonstrate that the slur has been customised.
  2. Select m1 and add a Vertical Frame, say.
  3. Now delete the frame.
  4. Repeat step 1.

Expected result: The slur should still be customised.
Actual result: The slur appears to have been reset to the default shape. UNDO will not restore it.