Export two A4 pages as one combined single A3 page

• Apr 8, 2021 - 14:01

Would love to see this feature added as it's painstaking to do it yourself after exporting from Musescore. I prefer to print two pages of A4 as a combined single A3 page as it's easier to organsie as a musician, therefore is it possible to add that feature in the export window? Please let me know if anyone else would like this feature!


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Normally this is the sort of thing handled by printer drivers, and it would be very inefficient and inconsistent for each program to have to invent its own way of doing this. Just as it would be for each program to invent its own way organizing files rather than using the standard fold-based filesystem your OS comes with, or have its own display drivers rather than use the standard ones.

So the trick is getting an exist printer driver to do the work for you. Try exporting to PDF, then using whatever printer driver you have installed to created a new PDF file laid out this way. Because it's a common thing for any person using any program to want to do, pretty much anyone writing a printer driver has built in a way to do this. You'd just have to consult the documentation. Probably PDF programs like the Adobe reader can do this as well.

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I did some more digging and I found that the printing portal used by my school has a printer driver you can download rather than uploading your files on a web browser. This means you "print" (send to the server/portal) using your OS system dialog window, which now means I can do what I want easily using the booklet feature. I see your point for a program to have to invent its own way of doing it. Thanks for all your help!

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