[SOLVED] When should be a volta bracket open and when closed

• Apr 17, 2021 - 02:40


is there a definition for when a volta should be closed and when it should be open? Is the last volta always open regardless if it's on the last measure/bar of a whole piece?


It's not universally followed, but the usual convention is close the volta for all but the last - to help make clear where it actually ends (normally right on the end repeat barline). The last one is left open to signify that it doesn't actually end, you just keep going forward.

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So you're mis-using voltas for an alternate start of a repeat.
Just move the measures covered by the 2nd volta to the end, before the repeat barline, remove the repeat barlines, add a Segno to the measure after the 1st volta, remove the volta lines, and replace the end repeat by a D.S.

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You didn't, but I explained why I used them. Because, if I would do it exactly as you told, the ending wouldn't fit well. So that's why I used Fine and D.S. al Fine to have a proper end and my new question, that came up, is if the endbarline is a proper barline on Fine.

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