"MuseScore quit unexpectedly" after new update

• Apr 17, 2021 - 04:14
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S2 - Critical
needs info

Cannot open the application after updating to the 3.6.2 version. I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.3.

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In order to understand what unique qualities of your system are triggering the problem, please ask for help on the Support forum where there are many other macOS experts who may be able to help. Be sure to describe anything that might be unusual about your hardware and software configuration.

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Hi Marc, thanks for the quick reply. Is this not the Support forum? Is there a more direct channel for support from MuseScore? Ever since I have paid for the subscription, this app has been a nightmare to work with. I would appreciate any contact info for direct tech support. Thanks

Also, your account status on the score-sharing website musescore.com has no bearing on the actual behavior of the program - MuseScore has no knowledge of your account status. That's strictly between you and the score-sharing website musescore.com. There is no way your choosing to sign up for Pro account on that or any other website will affect the behavior of MuseScore itself in any way.

thanks for clearing that up. I've reset the factory settings, but still cannot open the app. I also tried to reinstall 3.6.1 and now that will not open either. after reaching out directly to the MuseScore support team, they directed me back here. is anyone else experiencing problems with the new 3.6.2 update? any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This here is the MuseScore issue tracker, MuseScore support is in the forums here on musescore.org and there is no more direct way.
Try the -w option, and maybe the -s one too

And as mentioned, please try asking for help on the Support. Totally different from the support team for the score-sharing website musescore.com - again, that site has no relevance here. If you post tot he Support forum here and include more details about your system, someone with more macOS system admisntration experience may be able to recognize the source of the incompatibility and guide you through resolving it.