Dotted / Dashed Tie Bug

• May 14, 2021 - 20:50

I have recently discovered a software crashing bug involving editing multiple ties at once. I am using the most recent version of MuseScore on Mac.

The crash can be reliably recreated by selecting multiple ties or slurs using the command key and using the inspector to change them to dotted or dashed.

Yes, I have recreated it on multiple files. In my experience, this will cause the software to crash with 100% reliability. I can provide a screen recording of me recreating this crash if necessary.


FWIW, Screen recordings aren't normally very useful. A sample score and clearly written step by step instructions are much more helpful, and easier to produce.

I can't reproduce in 3.6.2, so it is either unique to macOS, or unique to your particular score or the exact nature of your steps. Which is why having those would be most important.

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