Putting music already entered in piano into another instrument

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Hi! I have written a piece for the piano. One - how do I make more space between the clefs, because it looks, to me, a little too much? Two - I was wondering how the treble clef part would sound using the cello, so how do I select the treble clef and add it to the cello, I would like it to be all on the same score. Three - If I only have a small amount of notes for a particular instrument, is it possible to just have the clef where I want it for that section instead of having it right throughout the piece? Thank you so much, this Forum is really helpful. Karen

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THe reason the space between the staves is small is that MuseScore is trying to fit as much as it can onto the first page, but really,, you don't want it to, since the second page has a ton of extra room. So simply add a page break somewhere, like after the fourth system, to balance the pages better.

To add a cello, use Edit / Instruments. Then you can copy and paste from the piano to the cello.

To have the cello - or any instrument - for only part of a score, add the staff, add the notes, then go to Format / Style / Score and enable "hide empty staves".

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Thank you Marc, that was once again really helpful, I’ve got to say this is an amazing site, glad to be part of it. There was one minor thing though, I didn’t explain it terribly well. Sometimes when using piano, the bass and treble seem to me a little close together, particularly if you have high bass notes, I was just wondering how to make it wider. The page break will be great for some of the others I’ve done, I don’t suppose you can tell me where I will find the page break, thanks once again. Karen

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As I said, the reason things are close together is that is too much on one page. The solution is to put less on the page, and page breaks are how you do that. Once you add them everything spaces itself out more. Page breaks can be added from the Breaks & Spacers palette, or Ctrl+Enter just like in a word processor.

Aside from that, it's also possible change the settings for minimum space, but this won't do you favors on the pages where you need to pack things in that tight. Better usually to leave the default settings alone but add the breaks. But for the record, the settings for these minimum distances are in Format / Styles / Page.

I appreciate your suggestion to go to a second page, but since I often play from a single-page tablet, having all of the music on one page can be a tremendous advantage. Is there a way to grab a portion of the staff and drag it up or down to adjust spacing just for a particular line?
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Indeed, you might want the music on a single page, which is why MuseScore will allow it and will make the space as big as possible while keeping it on the single page.

If you have a score that you want to be on a single page but currently doesn't fit, you will have to decide exactly how you want to make it fit - bigger paper, smaller margins, smaller staves, less space within systems, less space between systems, moving markings closer to the staff so less space is required. The right approach depends on the particular score. If you attach it we can advise better.

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I'm quite used to adjusting margins, spacing within systems, adjusting measures per system, adjusting markings, etc. -- all are good suggestions. Sometimes, however, I just need to adjust one line, without adjusting everything else. I am wondering where I can "grab" the staff and manually reposition it. Is that possible?

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As mentioned, there are lots of settings, and while MuseScore doesn't provide any controls as inherently imprecise as merely dragging staves, you can certainly use a fixed spacer to allow one system to have spacing smaller than the default. It's one extra click to add the space versus dragging a staff, but the huge advantage is they can be controlled quite precisely.

Also note that in most cases, adjusting the minimum distance will produce better and more consistent results. Adjusting the minimum would not necessarily adjust everything else at all - only the staves that would benefit it, and those systems that would benefit would all be affect at once an in proportion to each other.

Again, if you attach your score, we're happy to assist further.

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Hi Forum. I keeps getting emails, with the above heading, some are in relation to a question I asked, so thank you for that, others I think are someone else’s, as I don’t think I mentioned turnaround or PDF, so I think someone is missing out on valuable information. Thank you Karen

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As I explained above, what you are getting are notifications (which you receive because you started the thread). You are free to ignore those notifications, or disable them if you'd rather not receive them. But those notifications are not the actual message. The actual messages are posted here on the forum and they are visible to all. Anyone who wants to can view them here, and anyone else who is subscribed to this thread gets those same notifications that you receive. So no one is missing out on anything at all.

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