Expand the range of the alto saxophone, please

• Jun 12, 2021 - 17:15

Hello! I have the following request: expand the range of the alto saxophone from E flat 6 to G sharp 6 by sound (For a saxophone recording from С of the fourth octave to F of the fourth octave). I ask this because the modern saxophone range already reaches notes higher C of the fourth octave, and in some pieces I cannot write these notes (higher C of the fourth octave) and this is inconvenient. For some reason, there is no such limit on soprano saxophone.


You should be able to write notes as high as you want. Do you maybe mean you can write them but the particular soundfont you are using doesn't have samples that high? If so, try other soundfonts - see the Handbook under that topic for more info.

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I think there is a minsunderstanding here. When the OP said "I can write notes of any pitch, but they have no sound", he didn't mean none of the notes have sound. Only the notes that are above the range of this alto saxophone. The advice to check the FAW was taking the statement more literally, as if the claim was that "any" notes have no sound.

Anyhow, the answer then is exactly as I said to begin with. If the soundfont you are currently using doesn't contain recording of a saxophonist playing in the extreme altissimo range, simply find another that does. See the Handbook under Soundfonts for more information.

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