inserting measure and change time signature

• Jun 12, 2021 - 23:08
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1) create a new score starting with some time signature, for example 3/4
2) fill some measures with notes
3) in the next measure change time signature, for example to 4/4
4) fill one measure with notes
5) in the next measure change time signature ti 5/4
6) fill sime measures with notes
7) again change next measure to 4/4, put some notes
8) go to the measure where started with 5/4
9) insert a new measure before the selected measure
10) try to change time signature in the new inserted measure; in this moment you will already have a mess
11) try to change time signature in the measure which was selected before insertion; a mess becomes even bigger
12) try to get that the new inserted measure be the last in the system (before breaking in the new system), and change time signature ...

... and so on. I have seen different strange effects: the time signature were duplicated ..., when trying to change time signature in the inserted measure, another new measure has been inserted and so on.

With the attached file ... go to the measure number 17 and insert one measure before. Then you can do more different steps from there. Try to change time signature. Or try to delete the (duplicated) time measure. Or try to insert one more measure before the original number 17 ...


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Format >Style >Page: uncheck "Create courtesy time signatures".

Select Bar 17, press [Ins] key twice. (Note that this changes the Bar numbers following).
Select (new) Bar 18, add 5/4 Time Signature.

Select (new) Bar 17, add 4/4/ Time Signature.
This takes the 5/4 bar and makes two 4/4 bars. Select the second of those 4/4 bars (now labelled as Bar 18), go to Menu and Tools >Remove Selected Range.

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This score has become partially corrupt, somehow the courtesy 5/4 at the end of bar 16 has become "permanent". If you can figure out precise to make that happen again, let us know so we can address the underlying cause. Meanwhile, the above should fix it. Also deleting these spurious time signature changes and re-adding them could as well.

FWIW, it's not corrupt in the usual sense of wrong number of beats in a measure - it just has an extra hidden time signature that can be removed when it reappears. So not nearly as serious as "normal" corruption. Still, we've been fighting these extra time signatures (and key signatures, and clefs) for quite a while, and while we've fixed all the reproducible cases I know of, apparently there is still a problem somewhere, so it would be nice to figure out how to reproduce it and fix it.