Crashes every attempt to change time signature when tremolos badly input

• Jun 27, 2021 - 00:15
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  1. Just trying to change the time signature (any method) to 4/4 at the beginning of measure 107 in the attached score.

  2. As soon as I click any time signature it will crash

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Title Crashes every attempt to change time signature Crashes every attempt to change time signature when tremolos badly input

The problem lies in a piano staff (bass clef), and the few measures (107-114) with tremolos, ie: piano tremolos 3.mscz
I don't know what you wanted to do (and how?), but there are several things wrong.
Example: first measure, on the third beat (a quarter note), you haven't applied the appropriate tremolo (on a single note).

should be.jpg
And not:
should be0.jpg
I don't know how you managed to enter this tremolo (intented between 2 notes, and not one-note) here? We find that in some measures a little further.
Correcting this avoids a crash when changing the time signature: piano tremolos 3 bis.mscz

On the other hand, if you remove all the tremolos, there are still some quirks. Some measures seem to contain four beats (one half note and two quarter notes), while the playback works with three beats. And correct too in measure properties (3/4 actual duration)
should be1.jpg
A priori, I don't see any notehead change in the Inspector. So, we would need some explanations to know what you wanted to do?
For the record, about tremolos, see in handbook:

Ohhhh. I had pasted the line of tremolos from a different file before trying to change the key signature. Pasting the tremolos that were supposed to be in 4/4 into a 3/4 space then trying to switch them back is probably what went wrong. My apologies.