Suddenly cannot save work

• Jun 29, 2021 - 14:45

Am using Musescore on a Macbook. It has saved 2 other projects just fine, now on my 3rd piece - which has saved perfectly well until I went into page view - when I hit save, it reverts my work to a previous state instead of saving. In fact, whatever I try to do in page view, it reverts my work to something from earlier. Try adding a text box, it puts in the middle of the score and won't undo. Change from page view to continuous view, and it reverts my system changes. Tried saving as, saving online, the shortcuts have greyed out, and just keep reverting the systems. Have I hit a paywall that I'm not being warned about?


There is no paywall and MuseScore is always 100% free.

What makes you think your score is reverting to a previous state? If you are verifying by reopening the score, are you sure you're opening the score you just saved and not an older copy?

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What makes you think your score is reverting to a previous state? The fact that it reverts to a previous state. I have the page, and systems set exactly where I want them, then when i hit save (in any way) the systems go back to where they were before. I only have one version to open. The save shortcuts are all greyed out, and this happens even if I choose save from the dropdown menu, or quit and save. The only way I've been able to save it is by printing as a pdf file, but I cannot do anything else to the score in Musescore.

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Any chance you can share the score and give us some precise steps as to what to click on etc so we can perhaps experience the same issue? Also please state which version of MuseScore you are using and on which OS.

On my windows system I can't recall having seen those icons (the save ones) becoming grayed out. I know many others are (such as New/Open) if you are in text edit mode. If that is your case, simply pressing Esc once to exit it should have you covered.

There are not too many cases where things relayout because of the save action, so I'm curious as to which actions you're preforming that trigger this behavior.

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I don't know what else I can tell you, or why you aren't understanding me. It's version 3.6.2 on Mac BigSur 11.2.1. I'm not in text edit mode. I'm in page view, and had just altered my system breaks. Nothing is selected. Nothing is open. I'm getting very wound up. I'm not happy to share my music with strangers, I'm afraid. BTW I tried pressing esc, it did nothing.

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We aren't understanding you because we've never experienced what you describe before. If you want us to experience the same thing, so we can investigate then sharing your score is the most likely way for us to end up in the same situation.
If you're worried about your compositional genius, use repitch mode to change all notes into a single pitch first.

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Arer you saying you are looking at your score, it looks as you want, you hit save, and right there before your eyes, the score changes? In order to investigate, we'd need you to attach the score and give precise steps to reproduce the issue, I understand you might feel uncofrtuable about allowing us to see your music, but I promise we are simply trying to help, not judge your music or somehow attempt to circumvent copyright law. Your music is yours, we just need to the file in order to help.

If you are instead saying you are looking at a score, you save it, then close it, then open a score, and it doesn't look like the score you just saved, then answer is simple - it isn't the score you just saved., you must have two copies of it under different names or in different folders. When saving next time, try Save As instead and pay close attention to the name of the folder and file, and be sure to open that same exact file from that same exact folder next time.

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The precise steps were:
1: Highlight measures 17-20
2: Press Shift { measures move to where I want them
3. Menu - Save
4. Measures go back to where they were.

My thanks for any help you can give. Apologies if I came across badly, having a few very bad days, and got frustrated. I used to be a music typesetter and worked with Finale back then, this is a learning curve.

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OK, I see what you mean, It appears this is a rare corner care where a single press of "{" reduced the size of the measures only just barely enough to fit, but it was extremely close, and the round-off inherent in computer floating point calculations sometimes goes one way and sometimes the other. This happens probably once every 10,000 times one tries setting explicit stretch.

In this case, even at minimum stretch, those measures don't actually quite fit together reliably enough at your current settings. So, if you want to force those measures to fit on a single system, you'll need to change a more global setting. Either slightly smaller staff size (Layout / Page Settings), or slightly smaller minimum note distance (Format / Style / Measure), etc.

Actually, since it seems you are trying to enforce four measures per system, best to not mess with stretch at all, just set the overall spacing (Format / Style / Measure) to be the minimum (1.0) and then use Add/Remove System Breaks to add the breaks every four bars. This does the job quickly and simply.

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The same code executed in the same order, yes, but probably what's happening here is different code paths executing what is ostensibly the same calculation are getting different results, like maybe one place a comparison is made with the internal units but elsewhere it is scaled according to spatium and compared that way, etc.

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A few reasons, none that are absolutely necessary if it ever turned out the extra layout was itself a problem, but this isn't an example of that - obviously, the problem here would occur the next layout whether triggered by save or not.

But for the record, the save does a "full" layout whereas most layouts are only partial (the portion of the score affected by the most recent edit) to save time. The full layout ensures that certainly things like multimeasure rests are written to the file correctly, cleans up any glitches that might have result from a previous partial layout, makes sure the thumbnail is written in page as opposed to continuous view, etc.

Little late but here is the solution

(for windows 10 or 11)
go to settings => Privacy and Security => Windows Security => Virus & Threat protection => Manage settings =>
Manage controll Folder access => Allow an app through controlled folder access => add allowed app => Recently blocked apps => Musescore

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