MusicXML import does not assign actual MuseScore Instruments, but simply the GM program change in the mixer.

• Sep 6, 2014 - 02:26
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The software does not allow for change of the violin's voice to pizzicato from normal.


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It works for me. 8469f8fd22

  1. Create a score for violin
  2. Enter notes on the two first measures
  3. Click first note of second measure, press Ctrl + T and enter Pizzicato as text, Esc
  4. Right click the text, Staff text properties
  5. In the first tab, click on the first 1 button, in the combobox choose pizzicato. OK.
  6. Play the score. See score attached.

If it doesn't work for you, please reopen with steps to reproduce the problem.

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pizz.mscz 1.62 KB
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I have successfully replicated this in a trial score created from scratch. However I only get one channel "normal" when trying the same on a full score imported as MusicXML from a Sibelius score.
Please take a look at the description posted with the trial score in my profile.
And try to answer how I can make sure that a choice between three channels "normal", "pizzicato", and "tremolo" is available, corresponding to the STR violin, STR violin-pizzicato, and STR violin-trem instruments in the Mixer?


Seems to me that this is a request for support rather than a bug report.

I assume you are not intending to fix this yourself? So I have unassigned you.

Please post the MusicXML file you are having trouble with here.

FWIW Sibelius is notorious for producing bad MusicXML

Status (old) closed needs info

It was re-opened by psellers.

There is still not enough information though.

Please do not assign yourself to an issue unless you intend to fix it!


meanwhile I have compared the XML code for the successful pizz trial and the Androgyne-Pete scores and found that by inserting the code for the two channel options (pizzicato and tremolo) I can make it work for the Androgyne-Pete score as well. (see attached screenshot)

It just remains to be clarified why that code wasn't included in the first place, or what I would have needed to do to have it included - without editing the XML code.

I wrote earlier this morning:

sorry for not knowing what are the correct selections above. I don't see the category request for support.

I'm attaching the score for which I cannot get more than the "normal" channel for selection.
It is now a mscx file. Let me know if you also need the original MusicXML file to determine the problem. I tried to change the violin channel to pizzicato e.g. in measure 17.

I'm also attaching a screenshot of the mixer, in case that helps clarifying.
In addition, I'm attaching the successful pizz trial, including a screenshot of the mixer there, as well as a screenshot of my workaround solution with an added pizzicato violin staff.

Thanks for your help.

Title Pizzicato - Musescore 2.0 Beta 1 MusicXML import does not assign actual MuseScore Instruments, but simply the GM program change in the mixer.
Status (old) needs info active

I've examined your score, and it is clear that the MusicXML import has
1. imported the correct staff, track and part names,
2. has assigned the correct GM program Change
3. but has not associated the part with the MuseScore instrument defined in instruments.xml

The workaround is to use the Change Instrument function in the Staff Properties dialogue to assign the proper MuseScore instrument. This enables the Pizz and Tremolo channels in the mixer.

It would be desirable eventually for MusicXML import to assign the parts to equivalent MuseScore instruments.

In order to progress on this it will be necessary for you to attach the original MusicXML file.

I'm not sure whether this rates as a bug report or a feature request - for now I'm marking as feature request.

Here is your mscx file with the violin playing pizz and arco in appropriate places.

The Bandeon is also now assigned properly.

There are some other issues that need to be addressed - there could well be corruption later in the score evidenced by odd placement of glyphs, but this could be down to dodgy MusicXML from Sibelius.

We really need that import file!

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Androgyne_Pete-2a.mscz 22.77 KB

Thanks a lot!
Can you tell me what you needed to change to make that work?

I'm attaching the original MusicXML file that was exported from Sibelius 7.
Let's see what you find out from that.

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Androgyne.mxl 29.31 KB

I simply opened up the stave properties menu and changed the instrument from the one assigned by MXL import to the proper MuseScore instrument.

Incidentally - if you can't see the instrument you are looking for either enable the All Instruments view or use the search box.