I've lost my ability to play back!

• Sep 13, 2021 - 17:21

I just started to work for the day on a score I began yesterday; for some reason, I am unable to play anything back, using either the space bar or the icon for playback up top. Never happened before, and I have not found a workaround to those 2 ways.
Any suggestions?


I just thought to close down MS and re-open it: now, if I hit the space bar or the icon twice in a row, it will play, but only from the beginning, not from the note I highlight. Hitting the key just once does not work.
I then tried to play back from the portion I wrote yesterday, and all works perfectly! What I wrote today will not play back at all. Very strange.
I then tried to play back a piece I recently finished and, again, it works perfectly. It seems that just today's effort is having this problem. Is there any setting I need to look at? What have I done wrong?
Any idea why this might have happened? Anyone else experience this?

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Could be defective hardware, or perhaps a misconfigured keyboard shortcut. But since you say it works sometime but not other times, and the result seem to depend on the piece, we'd need you to attach the score with the problem in order to say much more. BTW, also be sure you don't have loop playback enabled, that would explain why playback always goes to a particular point (the place the loop is defined to start).

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Thanks, Marc, for the reply. The playback works both from the beginning, and also from any note on which I click, as per usual. The only place it doesn't work is the last 12 measures [52--63] I wrote today. That should rule out looped playback. No playback at all in just those 12 bars, and awfully hard to listen for mistakes or for a better harmony. I first thought the keyboard might have gone bad overnight, but that proved wrong. My more-techie wife suggested copying the whole score and pasting it into another fresh score, so I will try that and see if it is corrected that way. Doubtful, but I am out of possibilities right now.
I still have a bit of work on the attached score, but you should at least see the problem. Anything you can do will be much appreciated!

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I can't say exactly what the solution is, but I can tell you the problem stems from the fact that you haven't completed your repeat structure - you have a DC al Coda but no coda. Adding a coda helps, but I think there's still some sort of glitch involving the repeats that happen around the DC - the end repeat, start repeat, DC, and the two voltas all within a measure of each other. Maybe for now just rip that stuff out and then when the notes are all entered, then you can go back and get that structure happening.

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General sf3 in the synthesizer setting.
No, there is no problem with my headphone setup.
default method--single-note dynamics and velocity
CC2 default
Once I find workable settings and setup, I rarely change things. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Update: Last night I stripped all the DS and coda stuff out and it still did not work right. However, when I just opened MS again, I tried playing it and all works fine. Maybe the incomplete repeat setup screwed things up. I've had works in progress play perfectly in the past, but maybe this was the perfect storm? Either way, it looks as though it is resolved, so thank you once again for your help!

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Thanks, Mr Fox, for the reply. As I explained in my conversation with Marc, this score was in an extremely early stage where I am rolling several scenarios around in my head. I had yet to edit it once I knew where I wanted to go. For instance, I also hadn't transposed it yet as planned, so it was written a 3rd high by intent.
To "fix" it? I simply shut down overnight after stripping out the coda stuff. When I re-opened the score, all was well. I've done similar pre-editing over the years, but never had this one occur. Odd.

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