Opened score in nightly version, no way to get it back to Musescore 3.6

• Sep 30, 2021 - 05:11
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I had just finished a score, when I decided to download the latest nightly version of Musescore 4 to see what was going on with that. I opened said newly finished score (never uploaded it) in MS4 to see what it was like, before deleting the program and going to MS3 to print it.
Only, the score won't open because it says it's in a newer version of Musescore and can't regress back. I don't remember ever hitting save, so I don't know how this could possibly happen.
I really need this score back, and there's no backup of it anywhere.

Workarounds I tried: mscz, backup file (last save was too long ago to save anything worthwhile); exporting or copy-pasting from the new version (won't work because it crashes every time I try to open that score); uploading the file to to redownload (runs into an error on upload)
The last thing I could think of was changing the code of the mscz file manually to accept 3.6 as a version number which I think would work since I don't recall ever saving it in the new version. I'm unfamiliar with how to do this tho, it's a mess in notepad.

Any help would be dearly appreciated, thanks.

I attached the defective mscz file in case someone can fix it and send it back

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That is just a fact and the way it is.
You may be able to save as mscx in 4.x and open that in 3.x.
Surely as musicxml

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Open the mscz with WInZIP of 7ZIP, extract the mscx, open that with MuseScore 3.x, ignore the warning.
Extra: do the same with the .mss, use Format > Load style, load that mss, ignore the warning

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I haven't tested these out yet but thank you so much for your help! I assumed it was lost forever but it looks like there's hope.
As for how it opened in MS4 in the first place I have no idea... all I know is something changed between when I first opened it there and when I tried to open it in 3.6

Something similar happened to me while I was trying a night build of MS4. I assumed that I pressed ctrl+S (save) reflexively in some moment. I hope that MS3 file is not changed when it is opened in MS4 but only if/when it is saved.