Line on "Volta" (1., 2. etc) won't show after closing and reopening a saved file/score

• Oct 13, 2021 - 21:52
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S3 - Major
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1) create a score
2) create a "Volta" sign (the one with 1. or 2. and the line on top)
3) save
4) close MuseScore
5) open MuseScore
6) see that the line above 1. or 2., will not be visible


Into "Line Style", select another type of line and then back to "Continuous", the line will be back.

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As mentioned in the forum, in order to investigate, we need you to attach a score that demonstrates this problem. It certainly doesn't happen for any of us, and there have not been any other reports of any such issue elsewhere, so there must be something unique about your scores - perhaps a default style setting you have set in your preferences, perhaps something about the template you commonly use, perhaps something else. That's why we need you to attach one. Also be sure to say what OS you are on and what version of MuseScore yu are using.

ok I find out that this issue only occur when I load my custom Style. I attached a test file in wich I can reproduce the issue.

When I load the style, the lines above 1., 2. or 3. just disappear.

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Workaround No Yes

the mss file sets <voltaLineStyle>0</voltaLineStyle>
The corresponding style setting in the EditStyle dialog shows:
i.e. an empty entry for Line style. That is what does result in no line being shown (for voltas using the default settings).

Workaround 1: Resetting that value in the EditStyle dialog fixes the issue.
Workaround 2: The .mss should be using <voltaLineStyle>1</voltaLineStyle> for a continuous line, or not contain that line at all.
Workaround 3 (mentioned in the initial post): Change every volta's line style to something else and then back to Continuous.

Question is how that bogus entry came into that style file.

Another question (or rather issue) is why there is no line style "None" (associated with that 0).
And why the Inspector doesn't show either "None" or at least also an empty field, just like the EditStyle dialog does.

Any idea how it came into that mss file? The default, as mentioned, is <voltaLineStyle>1</voltaLineStyle>

Without knowing how that 0 came about in your mss file, there's no way to find and fix a bug (if there is any, given that mss file, everything is as per design, except the empty field in the Edit Style dialog rather than None and the discrepancy in Inspector)