Volta does not draw properly in non-default fonts (eg MuseJazz Text)

• Jul 3, 2022 - 08:03

Volta is not drawn properly in non-default fonts (eg MuseJazz Text).

To be precise, it is invisible.

Change the line style to something else and change it to Continue to see it. This is the same even when reloading after saving.

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Got a similar issue.
Please check your volta's properties. Especially the "line" one.
It must "Continuous".
If ii isn't, set on "continuous". If it is, change it to another value and rest it on "continuous".
This is a one-shot workaround.

I think I solved it once-for-all by applying the MuseJazz stylesheet, verifying the volta properties of the style sheet, ensuring it was on "continuous" and resaving the stylesheet.

PS: take a backup of your original MuseScore MuseJazz.mss file before altering it.

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