This app is shit

• Oct 31, 2021 - 18:20

I was working on a composition, I closed my laptop, and when I re-opened it the app was bugged and it kicked me out, erasing all of my progress. DON'T USE IT. IT SUCKS


Alternately, people should definitely use this well-supported & free notation application which absolutely doesn't suck and simply have the common sense to press save once in a while.

FWIW, if your computer glitched after waking from sleep (a common issue on many systems), there isn't anything MuseScore can do about it, but for the record, it does autosave your work every two minutes. So even if you forgot to ever hit Save, after a crash you can still recover your score next time you start MsueScore it will ask you. Even if you accidentally answer "no", it's not too late, just see and read up on the autosave feature.

And next time, do remember to save your work, it's a crucial step using any computer program!

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