MIDI files with composer name

• Nov 3, 2021 - 06:20

So I got these two MIDI files that has a title, composer name and a lyrics track when I open them in MuseScore but there's no data when I check the Score Properties. I wonder if I can add something like that in my other MIDI files. Thanks.

MIDI files source: https://www.markheadrick.com/midi.php

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michael_jackson_thriller.mid 77.3 KB
criminal.mid 38.43 KB


I can see the lyrics in both files:

michael jackson: starts at measure 21: It's close to mid night And ...
criminal: starts at measure 10: As he came in to the win dow, it was ...

I see also titles and composer.

I use the newest 3 MuseScore.

Sorry, I misunderstood you!

To me the fact that Title, Composer etc. are a) in the MIDI and b) imported as such, but not added into the Score prooerties seems to be a bug, an ommission (and one with a quite easy workaround: just enter them manually).
Feel free to file it in the issue tracker

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Thanks a lot. And by the way, do you know how to export (or create) a midi with title, composer and lyrics like that? because whenever I try to export any mscz sheet with the title etc. to midi it doesn't have any of that when I reopen it in MuseScore or vanBasco player (i also tried to add the title and composer manually in the score properties but it still doesn't work)

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