Unable to get a complete print-out of score

• Nov 24, 2021 - 03:41
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S3 - Major

I spent the afternoon entering a score into MuseScore (v3.6.2.548020600). I set the page size to "Letter" and when I printed from my iMac running macOS Catalina (10.15.7) on my HP LaserJet multiple aspects of the score were missing. I exported it to .pdf and tried again with the same results. Both MuseScore and Preview looked perfect on the screen. What can be done to get this fixed? I've attached the file for reference use only.

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Switching to Bravura fixed MOST if the problem. Apparently the "flat" symbol still doesn't print in the chord symbol text. (Should substitute for a lower case "b" after a chord tonic character. Only shows a tiny dot.) What do I need to do to correct this? I'm also disappointed that I can't make Bravura the default setting when I start a new score. I have to make this change each time apparently. Is there a reason Leland cannot be fixed to work properly? If several other fonts work, it seems the error is in how Leland is defined in postscript.

Try whether changing Format > Style > Text styles > Chord Symbols > Font from Edwin to FreeSerif helps here

Leland has been fixed already (and possible Edwin too). But no official release with the fixed Leland is yet available

Changing the chord symbol font to FreeSerif worked! I'm a bit frustrated and perplexed about these little workarounds. To be completely clear, I think MuseScore is AMAZING software for open source code!! It's very powerful and goes up against the "big guys" charging hundreds of dollars every time the come out with an major revision. I just expect you'd "ship" you code as universally compatible as possible with a list of possible substitutions to get "better" capability in an accompanying text file with appropriate caution notes. Alternatively, it would be nice if we could make the default blank score keep the hacks we need to put in for it to work on our system. THANKS for the rapid and helpful support!

I appreciate the reply regarding Edwin 0.53. I'm really not going to be as heavily engaged is using MuseScore as most of you, and I definitely am not ready to be assisting in writing/editing/debugging the code. I do have a small background in this, but it's ancient at this point and I just have too many other interests in my life that would make me a nearly useless member of your team. I'll be patient and wait for formal releases as long as you're OK with me notifying you when I see anomalies along the way. Again, thanks for the very excellent response time addressing my issues.