• Nov 29, 2021 - 16:49

How can i divide the staves in parallel? As you can see now the staves are not neat and tight next to each other.


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If you want the staves on the right-hand page to line up with those on the left, you can insert a vertical frame above the first stave on the right and adjust it by eye. I sometimes do this - but there is probably a better way.

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A frame is nice because it mirrors what's on the first page. but for the record, I have never seen a publisher do this.; it just wastes space. It's normally perfectly fine, and indeed very much preferable, to start the second page at the top, just as MuseScore does by default and is shown in the screen shot.

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Odd indeed, but maybe try a large music top margin as mentioned, combined with zero height and/or negative gap settings for the title frame so it doesn’t end up taking more space on top of that. Or add the title etc as staff text instead so it can live in that space without allocating additional space.

These approaches have the advantage of being saved as part of a template, so if you end up doing a lot of work for the publishers who require this type of layout, it can be applied automatically.

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