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• Dec 5, 2021 - 17:46

Hi all,
While looking for the HQ sounds installation kit, using Resource Manager I've installed the best of what it proposed whose version is 1.3.1 (see attached picture)
Apart from screwing my standard MuS window setup, it also seems to me that it installed something that produces a sound that is worse than the previous I had.
I don't know what I had before and I couldn't find where to download the HQ sounds kit from.
Any help? Thanks,

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You did not install the HQ Soundfont, but installed the MDL extension instead, which is focused arond Drum notation only. (and indeed comes with a bogus scaled default workspace).

Install the other option for the HQ Soundfont. And note that you can resize that window so that column gets wider as well.

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Thanks, indeed I've tried but every time (I've tried many times) it fails (see att) and I don't think it's my internet connection.
Also it could be useful if the little window contained a further button, beyond CANCEL, that propose the RETRY carrying-on from where it stopped.

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