Open Hi-Hat can no longer be heard when creating a second Drumset stave with only Pedal Hi-Hat notes

• Dec 6, 2021 - 23:39

I make a lot of music with musescore and I run into this problem really often.

When creating a second stave on a drumset, some notes from the first stave can no longer be heard for no apparent reason. An example is when I have Open Hi-Hats on the first stave, then Pedal Hi-Hats on the second stave, and then the Open Hi-Hats can no longer be heard.

I have an example attached.

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What happens if you add the second stave to the same drum instrument?
The foot-pedal turns off the open hi-hat. And this is what is expected. //Because you added a second stave to the same instrument. Hi-hat cannot be open and close at the same time.

If you have two hi-hats (one for a teacher, one for a student, or each for a separate drummer) you should use two separate instruments for this. So you have two separate channels and they work independently of each other.

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This does indeed seem to be true, but it surprises me that MuseScore - or the soundfont - is that smart. Is there really something in there that deliberately prevents these two sounds from happening at once? I get that it's physically impossible for a real single hi-hat. But probably someone in the world has a drum kit with two hi-hats (jazz version of the two-bass pedal setup, maybe!)

Delete the pedal hi-hat notes that happen at the same time as the open notes. You can write all the notes on one staff. I might use closed hi-hat instead of pedal. Yes, you have to close the hi-hat, but the player is always hitting it on every 8th note.

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