Changing the instrument on one line

• Sep 10, 2014 - 02:54

On one of my pieces, I am trying to change my keyboard synthesizer from choir aahs to piano mid song. Does anyone know how to do that?


Rob F.


Hi Rob

In the forthcoming version 2.0, there is a feature called 'Change Instrument' (labelled 'Instrument' in the Text palette).

You are welcome to try a beta of it.

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To be clear: MuseScore 1.3 supports some limited mid score changes - for trumpet and strings only, for changes from normal to muted (trumpet) or to pizzicato/tremolo (strings). This is done using staff texts as described. This works because there is a special configuration file instruments.xml that contains the details for every instrument, and it contains instructions for those instruments.

So you can either use those instruments then use the mixer to change the sounds into what you want, or you can edit instruments.xml on your system to add the necessary information for the instruments you wish to use.

It's also possible some of the scores you see that appear to be doing this aren't, and instead are simply having separate staves for the two instruments but are using Hide Empty Staves so you only see one at a time. That's another way to get this effect.

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