My "back arrow" doesn't work

• Jan 8, 2022 - 08:22

My "back arrow" doesn't work and the score doesn't automatically progress with the music.
I got my new Mac last week, and I haven't had this problem in seven years.


Are you perhaps talking about website, like, as opposed the MuseScore notation software? If so, best to ask over there on that website, but also explain in more detail what you mean.

The only back arrow I can think of relevant to MuseScore is the backspace key, used to delete thing, it doesn't have anything to do with playback. As for the score following the playback, that is controlled by a button on the toolbar, "Pan score automatically", so make sure that's turned on.

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Ah, not something on your keybaord, but the rewind button on the toolbar. This is not intended to reposition your view of the score immediately, only the playback cursor. The command to reposition the score view to the beginning is the Home key (on your keyboard). Of course,e after a rewind operation, as soon as you hit play, the view will also be positioning to the beginning, if you have the "Pan score automatically" option enabled. In your picture it looks like youv'e disabled it (the icon next tot he metronome). So turn that back on and you should see the score view follow the playbacl.

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