Spacing between treble and bass lines

• Jan 15, 2022 - 11:18

In Musescore 3.6, how can I change the vertical spacing between the treble and bass lines (when creating a piano score)?


Note though that normally, MuseScore "floats" this distance, giving less space to systems that don't need much, more space to avoid collisions, and then spreading things out from there to fill the page. So usually iut's best not to mess with that until you're done with your score - otherwise overrides you do early on may prove counterproductive.

But if when all is said and done, you wish to optimize further, best to start with the settings in Format / Style / Page - in particular, the various "factor" settings that control how much of the extra space on a page goes between versus within the systems. Then if you need to adjust a specific system above and beyond that, see the Breaks & Spacers palette.

If you attach your score, we can understand and advise better on the best approach for that specific case.

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