Multi-measure rests not quite working

• Jan 28, 2022 - 17:26

Anybody know why the first measure is excluded from the multi-measure rest in the attached score?

Kanon in D compressed rest issue.mscz




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Thanks for your observation.

I wondered if a stray object in the guitar part, like staff text, was causing the issue.

Now obviously I need the p dynamic mark or I wouldn't have placed it, so removal is not an option. And hiding the p dynamic mark fails to change the resulting multi-measure rest. I expected and hoped that would have done the trick!

Seems odd that an object in a hidden part influences the measures that MuseScore includes in a multi-measure rest in the main score. Also interestingly that the pedal marks don't influence the multi-measure rest. To my if the dynamic mark is hidden, or it exists in a hidden part, it should now influence the multi-measure rest in the main score.

I'm hoping for a simple workaround.


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Hmm, offhand, I can't imagine any reason why that should be so. The notes in that invisible staff obviously don't prevent the measure from being included; I don't see why the dynamic should. And it doesn't if I to reproduce this scratch - unless I make it a linked standard+tab staff. So I guess that's what triggers the issue somehow.

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Hi Marc,

Glad you see it that way.

I'm with you. I can't think of a reason that anything in a hidden staff/part should influence layout or multi-measure rests in the main score. (And I'm not going to invest in a multi-step workaround like using user velocities to fake the dynamic, so I guess I'm stuck with it for now.)

Shall I add this to the Issue Tracker as a bug. If so, what level would you recommend?


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I was correct. The Nightly doesn't run on MacOS High Sierra.

High Sierra!!!

Yup. For years I've been held back from OS updates because Encore had always been one or two OS releases behind. And of course development ceased about 11 years ago. Soon I'll be entirely free from Encore.

Over the last 1.5 years I've converted about 900 Encore scores to MuseScore. (Soon I'll have shiny new hardware and Mac OS Monterey, and I'll keep this old Mac for any remaining Encore conversion purposes and to run an occasional legacy app.)

So with all this Encore to MuseScore conversion under my belt I've posted a lists of steps that help ease the process and set expectations.

Back to the topic at hand: Can someone test the attached score (with the multi-measure issue) in the v4 Nightly and report back. If the Nightly has the issue I'll report it in the Issue Tracker.


BTW, it would be great if the Nightly download page included a system requirement notice. Presently one has to download the installer to know.

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Yes. I'll need to update my lingo!

I see that MuseScore's terminology is "multi-measure rest" and that's the common parlance.

Apparently the term "compressed rests" is not widely used ... and dates back many years to my experience with Encore where I initially started scoring.

So I've update the post title and my individual posts replacing "compressed rests" with "multi-measure rest".


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