Text frames in columns?

• Jan 30, 2022 - 21:14

Hi again,

I need to put four verses in four horizontal columns in the bottom of the page. Is there any way to do that in Musescore? It seems that one text frame takes up the full width of the page...?

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Instead of a text frame, add a vertical frame, Then you can add as many independent text elements to it as you like, and position them how you see fit.

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I don't understand, this doesn't work for me. But its MuseScore 4, maybe it has changed...

EDIT: a few minutes after my comment. I finally could do it, but the inserts itself before a measure. I had to add one, insert the frame and delete the added measure...

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I always select the final barline and "Append" to that. This puts the frame explicitly at the end. (Though I don't think there's actually a difference if you select the final bar and "Append"?)

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